Data Breach

Information Regarding the Latest Data Breaches

Lion's Share is here to help you with all of your financial needs and concerns. The information we provide on this page is the most current information we have received regarding any data breach that we are aware of.

You can find the latest Data Breaches HERE. You should check this information often as it's forever changing. State law regulates the information companies must share pertaining to data breaches. Your email address is part of your data and if it's included in a data breach, it will be sold and you may receive phishing emails that look like they come from an official source.  i.e. the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) or WHO, World Health Organization) If you didn't sign up on their website for emails, you probably shouldn't be receiving them.

During this Pandemic you may receive Phishing emails that use the virus as a lure in the subject line. The email’s text may contain false news about the COVID-19. Some emails claim to be from CDC or WHO, and others offer a link to a (fake) coronavirus map of the recipient’s neighborhood, or an update on how many people have been infected.

The emails attempt to trick users into entering personal information or to click on a link that will download malware on the user’s computer. These personal safety tips should be used at all times:

  • Use only reputable sources when searching for information about the CoronaVirus.
  • Be aware of phishing emails and never click unknown attachments or links.
  • Be cautious of emails and phone calls offering unexpected information and asking for personal information.

If you suspect any of your data has been compromised, we urge you to consider putting a freeze on each of your credit files. It is recommended that you do so. There is little to no cost to freeze your credit files, and if there is, it's not nearly what it cost to to fight/stop identity theft. Additional information regarding what to do if your information is exposed in a data breach can be found on the Federal Trade Commission's website .

Lion's Share recommends that you check each of your credit reports from the 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies, at least annually. You can check one report each quarter so that you are viewing your credit file throughout the year. This is a free service online at

Contact information for each of the 4 credit reporting agencies can be found below. To place a freeze on your credit file, click the Credit Freeze tab for each reporting agency.

P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA  30374
Equifax Credit Freeze

P.O. Box 4500
Allen, TX  75013
Experian Security Freeze

P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA  19016-2000
TransUnion Credit Freeze

P.O. Box 1640
Pittsburugh, PA  15230-1640

Innovis Security Freeze

Chexsystems (the bureau that holds your checking account history)
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100
Woodbury, MN  55125
Chexsystems Security Freeze

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