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i-Branch FAQs

What’s is the i-Branch?

The i-Branch is a secure sight that allows you to view your account balances, transactions, and make transfers between your accounts.

All information is updated every two minutes so that you have real-time access to your account information.


What is my User ID and Password for the i-Branch?

Your User ID is NOT your base account number.

If you provide an email address on your Lion's Share FCU Membership application, we automatically sign you up for I-Branch access. Your password is sent to the email address provided immediately. For security purposes, your User ID, is then mailed to you via the US Postal Service. Your User ID & Password are sent separately so that should anyone else have access to your email, they will not have access to your account.

If you receive your password and want your User ID, you can call our office at 1-800-889-2393, option #3 and upon verification of information, we may be able to provide your User ID over the phone.

Am I a New User if I received a User ID & Password?

If you've recevied a User ID and Password, you can use that information to log-in and set up your i-Branch account without clicking the NEW USER: ENROLL HERE tab.

If you have used the i-Branch in the past but no longer know your User ID or Password, you can contact our office at 704-636-0643, option 2, or email

What happens if I lock myself out of the i-Branch

You are allowed 5 password tries before you are locked out. On the 6th try, if you do not enter the correct information, your User ID will be disabled. If you enter an incorrect password 20 or more times, your IP address will be blocked from the i-Branch.

If you get locked out of the i-Branch, your password will be reset or your User ID will be enabled during office hours.

When entering a password and answering security questions, be sure to key information in the format you generally use. Both your password and security question answers are case sensitive.

When your password is reset, you will receive an email with a new password. You must log in with the new password, then (we recommend) changing it to something that you can remember.

If you do not remember your answers to your security questions those can also be reset.


  • Click on "Preferences" on left side of page to change both your User ID and Password
  •  Use UPPER CASE and lower case letters in your password
  • Include at least 2 numbers and a character for strong security.
  • Do not use your name, SSN or telephone number.
  • After entering the information for the 3rd security question, certify that computer. Remember your security question answers. You will need them to sign on other computers, tablets or phones.
How do I sign in the mobile app?

Once you have completed your I-Branch log-in information on this site, you will use your User ID and password to log in on the Mobile App.

Once you have logged into the Mobile App, you can change you sign in to a 4 digit PIN under Settings - Quick Log In




What if I've never used the i-Branch, but I've been a Member for years?

We thank you for being a Member!

If you have never accessed the I-Branch, it might be that we don't have a valid email address, or maybe we need to update your personal information. If you want online account access, use this secure link to send us your information.


Does the i-Branch have features the Mobile App doesn't have?

The i-Branch allows you perform I-branch set-up  and set-up Billpay. While you can use Billpay on the Mobile App, it must be initiated on the i-Branch. The I-Branch also allows you to set up e-Alerts notifications of incoming credits or debits over a specified dollar amount.

Both the i-Branch and the Mobile App securley allow you to view your accounts, see holds on your account, make transfers, and pay bills.

The Mobile App allows you to deposit checks once you have completed the Remote Deposit Capture application & agreement. The mobile app also provides you with Shared Branch locations.

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