Online Account Access

We’re a Credit Union, not a bank. We are so proud of the fact that we could never call our online account access “home banking”. We just call it the “i-branch”; short for internet branch. The i-branch is an amazing resource! It is literally your internet branch. You can do everything we can do at our office except get cash. You have real-time account access and transaction capability. When you transfer money between accounts on the i-branch, it is done immediately. The i-branch puts you in charge of your own personal branch of Lion’s Share Federal Credit Union!

You can find your Credit Union i-branch HERE.

The i-branch is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The service is free and your usage is unlimited.

When we open your account, if you provide an email address, you will automatically be set up to use the i-branch. You will be emailed a password from  For security purposes, your User ID will bemailed to you via the US Postal Service. If you want immediate online account access, call our Member Service Department at 800-889-2393, option # 3.
You will need both your User ID and Password to access your account online.

Get FREE unlimited bill payment service on the i-branch.
We can make paying your bills quicker, easier and more affordable for you. Think of all the time and money that you spend now writing out bills.  Once you accept the terms and conditions of our Bill Pay Site, all you will need to do is enter the Merchant’s name (who the payment is going to), the address to send the payment to (look for an electronic payment address), your account number (located on billing statement), the date the payment needs to go out in the mail , and the amount you need to pay. If the payment amount changes monthly, all you need to re-enter on a monthly basis, is the payment amount. The money comes directly from your account on the date you set for the payment to be made.By viewing your transactions on your bill pay site, you can keep track of when you made each payment and the amount that was paid. Let us worry about the checks, envelopes and postage for you! It’s easy, convenient and SMART!

Your Credit Union i-branch includes:

–Viewing all Accounts, including Balances, Available Funds, Last Activity, Tax information and even your newsletters

–Retrieving images of cleared checks from your activity.  Simply click on the check number to pull up the image of the front and back of any paid check from your account

–Unlimited Bill Payment service for free

–Loan Balances, Credit Available, Next Payment, Account Payoff, and Tax Information

–Viewing Account activity with Transaction sorting, Date ranges, and Item downloading

–Processing secure Transaction requests (Withdrawals and Transfers)

–Secure Form Delivery (Stop payments, check orders, etc.)

–Custom Account Descriptions

–Direct Email or text messaging of any Account transactions or rate changes

Check out our Wireless Capabilities!!

View your account and perform transactions using your cell! This gives you access to your account anywhere and everywhere you go! Use the link below to set up access to your account on any internet enabled cell phone. Your login will remain the same; you will login with your current ID and password.

wireless i-branch access    or
u cn txt 2 ax$ ur acct

We hope you find our Credit Union i-branch convenient and helpful.  We are always interested in site improvements so please email  us any comments that you think we could use to help make your Credit Union i-branch better!

Come and see why there is a difference in being a member at
Lion’s Share Federal Credit Union!