Account Deposits/Transfers

Direct Deposit

Lion's Share Federal Credit Union accepts direct deposit from any company or agency that offers it. To set up direct deposit, you will need:

  • your ABA/Routing Number -  253184870 and
  • your base account number followed by the sub number of the account you want your money deposited into.
  • your checking account number has 12 digits

If you have any questions about your base/sub or checking account number, call or text 704-636-0643.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction (PRD) is a great tool for our Members employed through Ahold/Delhaize. Payroll deduction allows you to choose a specific dollar amount to go into any/all Lion’s Share account(s). PRD allows you to put money in each of your accounts:

  • Christmas Club
  • Vacation
  • Wedding
  • Tax
  • Emergency Savings
  • Children’s “Allowance” Account
  • Loan Payment
  • VISA Credit Card Account Pymt.

Payroll deductions will be listed on your paystub as an allocation to Lion's Share FCU.

Call or text us at 704-636-0643 to set up payroll deductions.

Automatic Drafts

You can set up ACH, or recurring automated credits/debits to your Lion’s Share FCU account. Setting up an automatic draft through a reputable company can save time, just be sure you know who you're giving access to your money.

Please DO NOT give your account information out over the phone unless you initiated the call.

LSFCU Mobile App*

The Lion's Share FCU mobile app is available for both iPhone & Android users. Our Mobile App features:

  • Easy 4-digit PIN access - turn on Quick Login under settings
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Depositing a check is as simple as taking a photo.
  • Credit Card Information - Easily access info & make payments to your LSFCU VISA.
  • Bill Payment Service - Set up & pay your bills electronically using our mobile app.
  • Account Transfers -Transfer between your accounts in real time.
  • Shared Branch Locator - Let our App locate you, chose your branch & get directions on your phone.
  • eDocuments - Receipts, notices & statements can all be opened & viewed.

LSFCU Member's must sign in & set up iBranch Access online at prior to using the Mobile App.

Complete the Mobile Deposit Application and Agreement to use Remote Deposit Capture on our Mobile App.  Mobile Deposit App & Agrmt. also available in the iBranch.

Shared Branching

Lion's Share members can make deposits and access funds in their account through Co-Ops 5,000+ Shared Branch locations. A valid government issued ID and your base account number allows LSFCU members nationwide branch access. Find the Shared Branch location nearest to you (for established members only).

Wire Transfers

Outgoing Wire Information Needed:

  • Wiring Instructions from the Financial Institution receiving the funds.
  • The physical address of the beneficiary.
  • Sender’s signature if beneficiary is anyone other than sender.
  • A copy of a valid government issued ID
  • A contact phone number for verification.

All of the above information can be text to 704-636-0643 or faxed to 704-637-6311.

Incoming Wire Instructions:

  1. Receiver Financial Institution:  Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
    ABA number:  231387550
  2. Further credit to Lion's Share Federal Credit Union
    Account Identifier: 253184870
  3. Final credit to:  Member's Name
    Beneficiary Account Number:  Member's Base Acct # and Sub Acct #

Incoming and Outgoing Wires Fees are listed here.