VISA Platinum Credit Card


When is 8.9% APR* better than 7.9%, or even 6.9%? When it is a Lion's Share Federal Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card! Most credit cards advertise limited time offers of low introductory rates, special rebates and reduced annual fees. These "too good to be true" deals usually are just that!

With an LSFCU Platinum Visa Credit Card, you are guaranteed NO GIMMICKS and NO FINE PRINT. We always offer members these great, money saving features:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Low Fixed 8.9% APR*
  • 25 day Grace Period on Purchases
  • No Balance Transfer Fees
  • Balance Transfers With Same Low 8.9% APR*
  • Free 1-800-808-7230 Phone Access to Account Information, also at
  • Free Common Carrier Accident Insurance - $250,000
  • Worldwide Acceptance wherever you see the VISA logo
  • Cash 24 hours a day through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Network
  • No Cash Advance Fees
  • No Minimum Finance Charge
  • Free Additional Cards for Authorized Users
  • Cash REWARD'S Program!

We hope you will consider the many benefits of our Platinum Visa Credit Card and apply today. You can apply online, at our office or we can mail you an application.

Experience the savings and convenience all of the time, not just for a limited amount of time!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate