Money Market Accounts

A Money Market Share Account is a type of savings account that offers a higher dividend for keeping a higher balance. The dividend rate paid is higher than the membership share account and lower than a share certificates. 

You can access the funds in a Money Market Share Account as often as you like with no fee or penalty. A minimum balance of $500.00 is required to open the account and at least $500.00 must be in the account to earn the monthly dividend.

Dividends are paid on the last day of every month and are calculated using the account's average daily balance for the month.  If you're currently a Member and want to add a Money Market account, simply contact us. Use our Membership application to become a Member and open your Money Market account all at once.


Savings Rate APY* Term
Share Savings Account Dividends Paid Quarterly 0.35 0.35 n/a
Money Market Shares ($500.00 minimum balance) Dividends Paid Monthly 0.60 0.60 n/a
Christmas Club Account Dividends Paid Monthly 0.350.35n/a
APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield