Line of Credit

Line of Credit

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Having a Line of Credit attached to your account provides you with purchasing power.

Even if you're not shopping, you could find a deal that you really want. With a Line of Credit attached to your account, you have the power to take advantage of that deal when you find it.

When linked to your checking account, your Line of Credit will act as your first line of Overdraft Protection. Should you miscalculate your account balance, your Line of Credit will move money over to cover any items that come in to be paid on your account. The amount moved will be based on the amount needed to cover the item(s) posted. Your Line of Credit moves money in increments of $100.

Your Line of Credit will be available to you at all times. Once any amount of it is used, you will get a notification that a payment is due. Payment amounts are based on the balance owed. Once used, you can pay your balance all at once or make payments each month until your balance is paid in full.