Lion's Share Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial cooperative that was established in 1982 as Food Lion Credit Association CU. In 2007 our name changed, but our purpose remained the same; to serve only one common bond, the hard working employees and retirees of Delhaize America, along with their family members.

A credit union is a group of people who combine their funds and who make those funds work for their own benefit. You will find references throughout our publications to "Your Credit Union" because that's what it is: Your Credit Union. We have no stockholders to decide how to treat your money or to decide how to make it work for them, instead of you.

Your Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. This group of Ahold/Delhaize Assocaites, or retired associates, direct the organization and decide the direction it should go to best serve all other associates of Ahold/Delhaize. They hire the management and staff to carry out the plans and everyday functions of the organization.

When you open your Share Savings account, you become a member-owner, not a customer. Lion’s Share Federal Credit Union encourages your suggestions and comments. Letting us know what you need and want in a financial institution, allows us the opportunity to try to provide it.

This is Your Credit Union and we need your input when looking for new programs to offer. We want to be your one financial source, so we try to provide savings, checking, and loan accounts that are convenient, fairly priced, and rewarding. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for in a financial service provider.

Because this is Your Credit Union, it will only thrive and continue to grow as strong as you, the member-owners make it. Think of us first when you or a family member seeks out financial service providers. Our only job is to serve your financial needs. Who else in the financial services world can say that?

If you work for Ahold/Delhaize, Ahold/Delhaize Distribution, LLC, Ahold/Delhaize Transportation, LLC, Retail Business Services, Food Lion LLC, or Hannaford Supermarkets, or if you are a family member of someone who does, and you're not already a member, click HERE to get started. All you need is a $25 deposit to open the door to your benefits, your financial services, your ownership in your credit union.