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Rates effective as of October 18, 2018


Loans Rate APR Term in Months
Home Equity Line of Credit
As low as Prime -1/2% Variable* Rate
New Vehicle Loan* As low as...3.003.00up to 84
Used Vehicle Loan* As low as... 3.003.00up to 84
Other Secured Loans* As low as...7.257.25up to 84
Personal/Signature Loan* As low as...9.909.90up to 72
Line of Credit* As low as...9.909.90n/a
VISA Credit Card8.908.90n/a
Secured by Share Account (under 5 years)3.003.00up to 60
Secured by a Share Account (over 5 years) 4.004.00up to 120
Secured by a Share Certificate6.506.50n/a
Home Equity Line of Credit Rate is determined ten days before the end of each calendar quarter.
The rate is variable and is subject to change each quarter.

*As low as signifies that your loan rate will be determined by your credit qualifications.
Your Loan Officer will disclose your rate based on your credit score information.

Checking Account

Checking Account
Dividends paid monthly
on average daily balance
APR = 0.35%
APY* = 0.35%


Savings Rate APY* Term
Share Savings Account Dividends Paid Quarterly 0.45 0.45 n/a
Money Market Shares ($500.00 minimum balance) Dividends Paid Monthly 0.70 0.70 n/a
Christmas Club Account Dividends Paid Monthly 0.450.45n/a
APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield


CertificatesRate (APR)APY* Term
Share Certificate
6 month
1.00 1.00 6 Months
Share Certificate
12 month
1.501.5112 Months
Share Certificate
24 month
2.002.0224 Months
Share Certificate
$50,000 Minimum Balance Required
Limited Time Availability
2.102.1212 Months
Save to Win
Share Certificate
12 month
$25 Minimum Balance Required
0.500.50 12 Months
All Certificates require a minimum $500 minimum balance unless otherwise stated.
Dividends Paid Quarterly

APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield