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Deposit Accounts FAQs

How Do I Apply for Membership?

You can complete the Membership Application online. Your application will be signed and submitted electronically.

You will be asked to upload a copy of your valid government issued ID to attach to the application. 

If the address on your ID is something other than your current mailing address, please also upload a copy of a utility bill showing your name with the address you currently reside at.

Use this application if you would like an account with a Joint Owner.

What's The Difference Between a Savings & a Checking Account

Savings accounts are for people who are trying to save their money. Savings accounts generally earn a higher dividend than a checking account. Your savings account can be linked to an ATM card, allowing you to make purchases at any retailer that allows you to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can own multiple savings accounts for specific saving reasons:

  • Vacation
  • Taxes
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Christmas Club

You can allocate a certain dollar amount into each account so that when the time comes for that event, you are financially prepared.

Checking accounts are generally used for money that you intend to spend, whether you spend it on bills or everyday purchases. Your Visa Debit card allows you to make purchase in stores and online. It is accepted everywhere you see the VISA logo.

At Lion's Share your checking account will also earn dividends on the average daily balance.



What If I Just Want A Checking Account?

As a cooperative financial institution, every member/owner must deposit $25 into a Membership Share Savings account. This $25 deposit makes you an Owner of the credit union. It allows you to utilize all the additional products and services Lion's Share offers.

Should you ever decide to close your accounts (although we hope you will remain a Member/Owner forever), that $25 is your money and would be disbursed to you. 

Where Can I Make A Deposit To My LSFCU Account?

Lion's Share is a Member of the Co-op Shared Branching Network. Our Members can use these branches for deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, official checks, and money orders. Find the Shared Branch nearest to you.

Shared Branch locations CAN NOT process a loan application, open new accounts or order debit cards for our members. Please contact our office for any of these requests. 704-636-0643, opt. #3

You can also use our Mobile App to deposit a check into your LSFCU account. If you use the iBranch, you can download the Mobile App and complete the Mobile Deposit Application & Agreement, for access to Remote Deposit Capture.

Can I Get a Debit Card For My Account?


The Membership Application has an area for you to choose if you want a debit card.  You will also enter the phone number that you will call from when you call to activate your debit card.

If you are already a Member and have recently decided that you would like a debit card to access your account, you can complete the online Debit Card application. Once completed, the application will be delivered to us electronically. 

If you choose a debit card and open a Savings Account only, you will recieve an ATM card in the mail. Once activated, you can use this debit card at these locations to withdrawal a maximum of $500 per day. you can also use your ATM card to make purchases and get cash back at any retailer that allows you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you choose a debit card and open both a Savings and a Checking Account, you will recieve a VISA debit card that is accepted everywhere you see the VISA logo. All purchases will be deducted from your checking account. You can also use it to withdrawal cash at an ATM. At the ATM you will have the choice to withdrawal funds from either your Checking or Savings account.

Where Can I Use My Debit Card Without a Fee?

Surcharge-Free ATM Locations

Lion's Share FCU Debit Cards can be used at an ATM 4 times each month. Debit cards can also be used at check-out registers to get cash back as needed, provided funds are available.

Where Do I Find My Account Number

Your account number is mailed to you in a packet of information once your account is open. If you need it immediately to set up our direct deposit, you can call Member Services 704-636-0643, option #3, and upon verification of identity they may be able to provide you with your account information.


What's My ABA/Routing Number?

To set up Direct Deposit, the ABA/Routing Number is 253184870. 

Incoming Wire Instructions:

  1. Send to: Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
    ABA number: 231387550

  2. Further credit to Lion's Share Federal Credit Union
    Account number: 253184870

  3. Final credit to: Recipient's name and account number

Incoming and Outgoing Wires have fees associated with the transaction. Please see our fee schedule for 


Why Do I Have Multiple Account Numbers

Your Base Account Number allows Lion's Share, along with Shared Branch locations to pull up all of the accounts you are associated with.

Your checking account number is a 12-digit number and will direct electronic/ACH funds to be credited to or debited from your checking account. It can also be found on the bottom of your checks and on your Membership Card in your New Member Packet.

How Do I Know My Account Balance?

You can get your account balance by calling CARL - our Automated Response Line. You will need your base account number and your Personal Identification Number. Your PIN will be the last 4 digits of your SSN until you call CARL and change it. (we recommend you change this immediately)

Remember - There is a difference in your Balance and your Available Balance. If you have written outstanding checks or unprocessed debit card transactions, you should deduct those from your available balance until they process through your account.

You can also get your account balance on the iBranch and by using our Mobile App.

Learn more about the iBranch and mobile app.

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