Staff Directory

Do you have questions that can be answered by e-mail? If so, click on one of the departmental email addresses below. Our staff phone directory is located below for your reference:

  • Phone: (704) 636-0643 or 800-889-2393
  • VISA Credit Cards: 800-808-7230
  • 1st Mortgage Services: 1-800-635-7128

Member Service Representatives

E-mail to
Fax: 704-637-6311
Call or Text: 704-636-0643
Laura Freeze, VP/Member Services #241
Cheryl Brown, MSR#247
Terri Fortner, MSR #236
Teresa Keirn, MSR #244
Pamela McLendon, MSR#245
Melinda Miller, MSR#213
Julie Perez, Payment Solutions, Se habla español #234
Christine Smith, MSR#235

Loan Department

E-mail to
Fax: 704-314-4065
Call or Text: 704-636-0643
Marie Bowles, Loan Administration Officer#216
Jessica Griggs, Loan Officer#252
Joan Kyslinger, Loan Officer
Tammy Thompson, Loan Officer #227
Christian Stokes, Loan Processor #248

Operations Department

Email to
Fax: 704-314-4066
Barbara Basallote-Hook, VP of Finance and Operations #224
Judy Lentz, Senior Operations Technician #228
Susie Hardister, Overdraft Privilege Administrator #243
Erika Perez, Operations Specialist -- Se habla español


Email to
Misty Fisher, Marketing Director #237


Email to
James McBride, President/CEO #225

We are proud of our secure online applications because we know that you value your privacy.  Please be aware that any e-mail that you send to the above email addresses is not private. Please do not include any information that you would not want anyone else to see.  Thank you.