Mobile Text Access

Lion’s Share FCU has added something new to our internet branch. You can now check your balance, transfer money, review transactions, and even request a stop payment to be put on a check, all via text messaging.

To get your account information via text, you must be set up to view your account online. Contact our office if you do not currently have online access.To get text access to your account: 

  1. Log in to the i-branch.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Choose Text Message Setup on left side of screen.
  4. Key in your cell phone number (i.e. 1234567890)
  5. Select your carrier from drop down box
  6. Click send verification code.
  7. A verification code will be sent to your phone via text from
  8. Enter your verification code into the text message setup and click Finish Setup. You can name your accounts to make transferring from one account to another, via text, easier. Keep our list of Text Commands and Functions to help as you get started.
  9. To get information about your account you will need to text one of the following commands to Save this email address as a contact in your phone to make accessing your account quick and easy.

Should you change mobile phone #’s or carriers, you must sign in to the iBranch and change those in the text message setup information.Contact our office at 704-636-0643, option #3 with any questions that you have. Our Member Service Representatives will be glad to help you manage your account information via text!

Texting Commands

ACCLists account nicknames
ALERTEstablishes eAlert for outstanding check in last CHK x command
ALERT x Establishes eAlert for check x
BAL ALLLists the balance for all accounts.
BAL x Lists the balance on account x (where x is the account nickname)
CHK Lists the last few cleared checks (maximum of 140 characters)
CHK x Retrieves Status information for check x
HELP x Retrieves detail information about command x
INFORetrieves a list of commands.
LASTRetrieves the last few transactions of all accounts (maximum of 140 characters)
LAST xRetrieves the last few transactions for account x (maximum of 140 characters)
MORERetrieves the next few transactions or checks (maximum of 140 characters)
STOP xRequest a stop payment on check x
TRA x y zTransfer $z from account x to account y