Share Certificates

Certificates are specific amounts of money invested for a specified amount of time. Lion's Share offers various rates and terms to suit your investment needs.

The minimum balance to open a certificate is $500.00.  Dividends are paid quarterly and are based on the certificates average daily balance for that three-month period. Dividends can be added to the certificate or paid into a separate share account if you prefer.

Certificates are automatically renewed unless you let us know you in advance. A notice of renewal reminder is sent out approximately one month prior to the renewal date. Once a certificate is opened, additional deposits are allowed only during the renewal process.  Withdrawals can be made to share certificates during the renewal period without penalty.

Should you need to close a share certificate prior to the end of term, an early withdrawal penalty will be charged. Share certificate early withdrawal penalties are:

  • 6 or 12 month Share Certificate = 30 Days of Dividends
  • 24 month Share Certificate = 90 Days of Dividends
  • Mini-Jumbo Share Certificate = 6 Months of Dividends
  • Save to Win Share Certificate = 1st W/D = $25 Penalty  
                                                                         2nd W/D = Account Closure

Share Certificates

Rates Effective July 1, 2022
Certificates AvailableDividend Rate APY Term
6 month Share Certificate 0.35 0.35 6 Months
12 month Share Certificate 0.450.4512 Months
24 month Share Certificate0.550.5524 Months
Mini-Jumbo Share Certificate
$50,000 Minimum Balance Required,
0.450.4512 Months
Save to Win Share Certificate
$25 Minimum Balance Required,
0.120.1212 Months
All Certificates require a minimum $500 minimum balance unless otherwise stated. APY = Annual Percentage Yield
All Dividends Paid Quarterly. Early withdrawals & associated penalties may affect your dividend earnings.