Share Certificates

Certificates are specific amounts of money invested for a specified amount of time. Lion's Share offers various rates and terms to suit your investment needs.

The minimum balance to open a certificate is $500.00.  Dividends are paid quarterly and are based on the certificates average daily balance for that three-month period. Dividends can be added to the certificate or paid into a separate share account if you prefer.

Certificates are automatically renewed unless you let us know you in advance. A notice of renewal reminder is sent out approximately one month prior to the renewal date. Once a certificate is opened, additional deposits are allowed only during the renewal process.  Withdrawals can be made to share certificates during the renewal period without penalty.

Should you need to close a share certificate prior to the end of term, an early withdrawal penalty will be charged. Share certificate early withdrawal penalties are:

  • 12 month Share Certificate = 90 Days of Dividends
  • 24 month Share Certificate = 90 Days of Dividends
  • Mini-Jumbo Share Certificate = 90 Months of Dividends
  • Save to Win Share Certificate = 1st W/D = $25 Penalty
    2nd W/D = Account Closure

Share Certificates

Rates Effective June 28, 2024
Certificates AvailableDividend Rate APY Term
12 Month ADD-ON Share Certificate
You can add money to this certificate at any time. Contact Us if you want funds transferred or Payroll Deduction set up to go into this Certificate.
3.403.4412 Months
24 Month BUMP-UP* Share Certificate
Rate can be Bumped Up 2 times over the course of 24 months. Contact Us if you see this rate change & want to bump your rate up to the new rate on this Certificate.
3.503.5524 Months
36 Month Share Certificate $500 Minimum Balance Required,3.353.3936 Months
Mini Jumbo Share Certificate $10,000 Minimum Balance Required,3.753.8060 Months
Save to Win Share Certificate
$25 Minimum Balance Required,
1.001.0012 Months
All Certificates require a minimum $500 minimum balance unless otherwise stated. APY = Annual Percentage Yield
All Dividends Paid Quarterly. Early withdrawals & associated penalties may affect your dividend earnings.