CARL is our Credit Union Automated Response Line. CARL gives you 24-hour access to your account information at Lion's Share FCU.

You can use CARL at any time, from any touch-tone telephone. For your account security purposes, we will not give out balances over the phone. CARL is your source for balance information.

To access CARL, you will need:

  • Your base account number
  • Your CARL PIN – this will be the last 4 digits of your SSN the first time you access it.*

*We recommend that you change your CARL PIN immediately.

Instructions for Accessing CARL:

  1. Dial 704-636-0643 or 1-800-889-2393
  2. To Access CARL press 1, for Current Rates press 2.
  3. Enter your Base Account number followed by the pound (#) key.
  4. Enter your Personal Identification Number followed by the pound key.
  5. Press 1 - For Summary Account Information.
    This option will give you your current Credit Union balances in all deposit and loan accounts.
  6. Press 2 - For Detail Account Information.
    This option will give further detailed information like last dividend received and loan payoff information, plus more!
  7. Press 3 - For Account Activity Information.
    This option will give detailed information like most recent transactions, deposits, withdrawals, checks cleared, and ATM and Debit Card transactions.
  8. Press 4 - To Perform a Transfer or Withdrawal.
    This option will allow you to transfer money from one sub account to another, under the same base account number. It will also allow you to withdrawal money from your account and have a check sent to the store number that we have on file or to the home address that we have on file.
  9. Press 5 - To check current rates.
    This option will give you our current rate information.
  10. To change your PIN, press 6.
    This option will allow you to change your PIN for the automated system only. You will need to know your current PIN, then you have the option of selecting a new PIN.

Helpful Hints

  • Select a PIN you can easily memorize and do not write it down. Credit Union staff can reset your PIN if you forget it.
  • Know your base account number and sub-account numbers.
  • Listen to the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.
  • You may perform transactions within your base account only.

If you have additional questions regarding your account, contact a Member Service Representative at 704-636-0643, opt. #3.