Credit Life & Disability Insurance

Would your family be able to continue making your loan payments if you were out of work due to an accident or an injury?
Would your family be able to financially afford loan payments if you were in a fatal accident?

As a Credit Union, we believe that these are worries you shouldn't have. Our low cost Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance protection for your loans can help alleviate those worries.

It's reassuring to know that with Credit Life and Credit Disability:

  • Your family will be financially protected.
  • Your credit rating will be protected.
  • Your collateral will be covered.

Credit Disability ensures your loan payments will be made if you are out of work due to sickness or injury.  Benefits begin on the 1st day of disability, after you have been disabled for at least 14 days. In the event of your death, Credit Life Insurance pays the insured balance of your loan, up to $50,000. Coverage costs just pennies a day and premiums are added into your monthly loan payments.

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The maximum coverage per loan account is $50,000 for disability and $50,000 for life. The maximum monthly benefit for disability is $850. You are eligible for insurance up to age 66 for disability and age 70 for life. Current coverage will stop once you reach maximum age.