Let’s be Real about Resolutions: 5 Tips for Setting Goals and Achieving Them


As we enter the new year, many of us find ourselves inspired to make positive changes in our lives. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, advancing our careers, or cultivating personal growth, setting realistic goals is key to success. Many people give up on their resolutions just a few weeks or months into the new year — that’s why we’re giving you tips about how to set achievable goals and see them through!

1. Take a Quick Look Back:

Before diving into new goals, take a moment to look back at the past year. Give yourself credit for the things you achieved and think about some of the ways you want to improve. For example, maybe you want to be more physically active or more financially responsible. Use these areas of improvement as the starting block for setting a goal. 

2. Keep It Simple and Specific:

If you have a big goal like “get fit” or “save big,” break it down into simpler, more specific goals that you can focus on completing. By creating specific goals like “move around for 30 minutes, four times a week” or “put $15 in savings every month,” you’ll find it easier to keep track of your progress and celebrate your small wins. 

3. Be Honest About Time:

Set timeframes that make sense. Remember, small steps add up to big progress over time, so create long-term goals and let those positive changes happen at their own pace. In addition, if you have multiple goals you want to tackle in the new year, focus only on a few goals at a time. Once you’ve made the first goals a habit, you can toss in more. Too many goals at once will quickly overwhelm you. 

4. Get a Goal Buddy:

Share your goals with someone who you know will uplift and encourage you. Having a friend to keep you accountable and keep your spirits high when things get difficult makes the journey less lonely. Plus, who doesn’t love having someone to share successes with?

5. Roll with the Punches. 

Life can throw curveballs, and it is perfectly okay to tweak your goals if needed. If you find that one of your goals is too ambitious, overwhelming, or simply not the right choice for you, give yourself the freedom to adjust your goals. This doesn’t mean you gave up — it just means that you’re learning what is and isn’t right for you.  

So, cheers to a new year where you smash those goals without stressing too much. Consistency, patience, and a bit of adaptability — that’s the plan for success. If you have a financial goal you’d like to work on in 2024, let us know! We’re happy to help you tackle debt, afford a big expense, strengthen your savings, and more. Reach out to our team today!

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